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Colored ladies thin thermo shirt Comfort series

Antibacterial comfortable ladies T-shirt with short sleeves available in 4 colors. Thanks to nanotechnology, t-shirt keeps you in optimal thermal comfort, avoids unpleasant smells and prevents sweat spots.

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Especially thin and light functional underwear for men and women. Thanks to its flexibility line immediately to the skin and creates a "second skin." Functional underwear for all of you, who love sport and motion in summer, in warmer weather and hallsor while traveling, when the milder temperatures turns. Suitable also for all the intense physical activities in cold weather, when your body heats itself enough. Soft knit of the smooth polypropylene contains silver nanoparticles (nanotechnology). Active substances, thus silver ions are contained in the whole volume of fibers, they are safe, do not irritate your skin and do not cause allergies. Silver also actively restricts bacterial growth and kills the resistant bacteria, providing long lasting protection against odor.

Used soft polypropylene fiber is non absorbent and thereby removes your sweat to the surface of fabric, does not cool the skin and provides thermal comfort your body.
Take away sweat and keep your body in optimal thermal comfort for sports, work, leisure and travel. It gives you a sense of cleanliness for a long time. It is made of lightweight and comfortable material, dries quickly and resists dirt. Material is 9 times stronger than cotton, which gives it a resistance to mechanical abrasion. Use of flat seams and overall very high quality of laundry processing ensures high durability and utility value. Our products do not have to be washed after each use, thereby you actively contribute to the protection of the environment, saves your time and money.

Suitable for: Sport and motion in summer, warmer weather, sports practiced in the halls and indoor sports and games, travel, work activities, suitable for alternating milder temperatures. Is also suitable as one of the layers for intensive physical activity in cold weather when the body heats itself sufficiently. (cycling, nordic walking, snowboarding, motor sports, skiing, leisure, winter sports, trekking, boating, hiking, picnics and any other outdoor activities). This product is recommended to wear as the first layer in mild weather at temperatures above 0 ° C.

Suitable for ambient temperature conditions:

• cold

Suitable for physical activity:

• medium
• high

• actively destroys the resilient bacteria
• prevents the formation of odor
• snug anatomical design
• non hurt flat seams
• warm and lightweight material
• transports sweat away and does not cool
• quick drying and dirt resistant
• resistant to mechanical abrasion
• 9 times stronger than cotton fabric
• high durability and value in
• It is not necessary to wash after each use

To ensure optimal functioning is recommend:
in cold weather keep always the system of individual layers:

1st layer - antibacterial functional underwear
perspiration removal from the skin, temperature regulation, elimination of bacteria and subsequent odor

2nd layer - non-absorbing thermoinsulative clothing
transports water vapor away from the body, protects against the cold

3rd layer - water vapor permeable waterproof clothing
water vapor transmission from the heat-seal coating, protects against external humidity or rain

Used Material:

Made from NanoAgent Comfort (100% polypropylene nanoAg - silver nanoparticles), thus permanent protection against bacteria and subsequent odor, which cannot be washed down. It gives you a sense of cleanliness for a long time.

Why do polypropylene?

Products made from polypropylene are resistant to water, inorganic acids, bases and salts. Products are therefore resistant to aggressive environment, which is then created, does not change the appearance, does not create "map" and still remain in color. Polypropylene also has a very good resistance to UV radiation.
Polypropylene has a very low absorption rate, is lighter than water and floats on it. Small absorption causes a very fast drying. Products made of polypropylene fibers transport molecules of water vapor thru capillary canals. Method of knitting the product provides instant perspiration removal from the skin.


All our products are made of high quality materials, coupled with precise workmanship meets all the prerequisites to long served its purpose. Below are a few recommendations for the maintenance and care:

  1. Carefully observe the instructions on the labels of products and maintain by shown symbols.
  2. Wash at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C. Higher temperature may damage the clothing. Our materials are durable, antibacterial and resistant against dirt so the higher temperature is not required.
  3. If clothes are dirty from dust, do not delay their wash, dust damages the structure of the fibers.
  4. It is recommended to wash clothes inverted on the reverse side, the aesthetics will be maintained over time.
  5. Use regular detergent, best have proven liquid detergents without freshening.
  6. Wash separately from other clothes, their structure may be damaged by fasteners and metal parts on other clothing.
  7. Do not leave long underwear soaked in detergent.
  8. Do not use fabric softener. Softener creates film on each fiber, prevents antibacterial function and clogs the capillary system of sweat removal. Freshening that the product received by mistake, can be removed by next washing.
  9. Dry clothes hung free, they dry up quickly due to its nonabsorbent, do not use dryer or other heating units.
  10. The materials used in the production of our clothes are crease proof, so ironing is not necessary.

We hope that your compliance these simple rules will help the long-term satisfaction with our products. Any questions related to maintenance will be happy to answer.


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          Colored ladies thin thermo shirt Comfort series

          Colored ladies thin thermo shirt Comfort series

          Antibacterial comfortable ladies T-shirt with short sleeves available in 4 colors. Thanks to nanotechnology, t-shirt keeps you in optimal thermal comfort, avoids unpleasant smells and prevents sweat spots.

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