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If there is any problem with one of our products, this manual should serve to help you settle the claim as quickly as possible. Although this is a close translation, it only serves for information purposes. In case of any disagreements between Slovak and English versions of this document, the Slovak version shall apply.

Documents required for claim

The proof of purchase that you have received with the purchase of the merchandise is sufficient for filling a claim.

Settlement of the claim

If you have found a fault on the product purchased by you, and it is still in warranty, you have the right to file a claim.

Deliver the defective merchandise to the address of our company NanoProm Ltd. in person or by mail. Before sending the defective merchandise by mail, please send us an e-mail to info@nanoprom.sk, in which you must state the order number or invoice number and the reason of claim. Further, state in the e-mail whether you wish to receive a discount voucher in the sum of the price of claimed merchandise, or reimbursement in case of the claim being accepted with no possibility of eliminating the defect or the product being no longer available for sale. You will be informed of the state of your claim on the e-mail address from which you have sent us the claim e-mail.

Warranty period

The standard warranty period for merchandise from the "Antibacterial functional clothes" is 24 months from the day of purchase. Warranty for consumer goods is 6 months from the day of purchase, not beyond the expiry date stated on label. For other products, the warranty period is 24 months.

This Returns policy is valid from 1.1.2013 and invalidates previous returns policies.


The Returns policy describes common commercial cooperation between the buyer and the company NanoProm Ltd. (hereinafter the seller). The buyer is required to familiarize with the Returns policy and the General Business Conditions prior to ordering of merchandise. By accepting the merchandise from the seller, the buyer agrees to the bellow mentioned Returns policy. If the merchandise is not taken in person, the receiving of the merchandise is understood from the moment of the merchandise being handed in to the first courier.
As a proof of warranty (warranty sheet), NanoProm Ltd. company sends, with every purchased merchandise, a proof of purchase (invoice - hereinafter proof of warranty) with all required information related to warranty claim.


Warranty period starts with the day of receiving of the merchandise by the buyer, i.e. the day stated on the proof of warranty. The statutory warranty period is 24 months for the end user. Within the statutory warranty period, the claims are governed by Civil Code No. 40/1964 Coll. § 619-627, with regards to this Returns policy. The standard warranty period for merchandise from the "Antibacterial functional clothes" is 24 months from the day of purchase. Warranty for consumer goods from other categories is 6 months from the day of purchase. For other products, the warranty period is 24 months.


1. The buyer is required to check the status of the merchandise with the courier immediately after the delivery (number of packages, integrity of tape, damaged boxes) according to enclosed packing slip. The buyer is entitled to refuse to accept the delivery that is not in accordance with the contract if the delivery is, for example, incomplete or damaged. If the buyer accepts such delivery from the courier, it is mandatory to describe the damage to the courier's handover protocol.

2. Damaged or incomplete delivery must be immediately reported by e-mail to: objednavky@nanoprom.sk, fill a damage report with the courier and send it immediately by mail or e-mail to the buyer. Additional claims of incompleteness or external damage of the package gives the seller the opportunity to demonstrate that it is not in conflict with the contract.

3. The place for lodging a complaint is: NanoProm s.r.o., Hradná 164/13, Komárno, 94501, Slovensko. The complaint can be done in person after an agreement by phone at least one day in advance.

4. The buyer can send the defective merchandise for claim by courier service to the address of the company. The package should be visibly labelled "CLAIM" and include: claimed merchandise (including all accessories), copy of the purchase document, detailed description of the defect and sufficient contact information of the buyer (return address, phone number). Without the above mentioned, the identification of the origin and the defect of the merchandise is hindered.

5. The buyer proves the validity of the warranty by submitting the purchase document. If the merchandise has been claimed in the past, the buyer also provides the claim documents. The delivery note (purchase document or claim document) must have the same serial number as the claimed merchandise (if the merchandise has a serial number).

6. The warranty does not include defects caused by poor handling, improper or inadequate treatment, the use which is contrary to the user manual.

7. The warranty does not include merchandise with damaged protective seal, informational stickers, serial numbers, etc. Seals and serial numbers are an inseparable part of the merchandise and do not in any way hinder the customers rights to fully use or manipulate with the merchandise in the way it was destined to.

8. The warranty further excludes damage done by:

  • mechanical damage of goods,
  • use of merchandise under conditions that do not correspond to its usable temperature, dust, moisture, chemical and mechanical influences of environment,
  • failure to care about the product,
  • the merchandise was damaged by overburdening or contrary to the conditions stated in the documentation or general principles,
  • merchandise tampered with by the customer,
  • merchandise damaged by natural disasters or force majeure.

9. The merchandise sent for claim will be tested only for the defect stated by the buyer (in the claims form, the enclosed letter with description of the defect).

10. The seller has the right to refuse to accept the merchandise to claim if the claimed merchandise or its components are dirty or do not match basic sanitary prerequisites for safe handing of the merchandise into the claims process.


If the defect can be removed, the merchandise will be repaired. If the repair is not possible and the nature of the defect does not hinder the intended use, the seller can agree with the buyer on a reasonable discount from the price of merchandise. In case of the discount, this defect can no longer be claimed in the future. If it is not possible to deal with the complaint in any of the above mentioned methods, the buyer (natural person, non-entrepreneur) will be given credit note.

If the defect cannot be removed and it hinders the intended use of the merchandise, the seller is entitled to change the defective merchandise for merchandise with the same or similar performance, or issue a credit note.

  1. Merchandise claims are dealt with without undue delay, but no longer than 30 days from the day following the claim by the buyer. This period is not binding towards buyer, who applied Reg no. with the purchase, and thus their relation with the seller is regulated by the Commercial Code.
  2. After execution of legitimate complaint, the warranty period is prolonged by the duration of claim. In case of non-legitimate claim, the warranty period does not prolong. If the claim is settled by change of merchandise, any further claim is considered as first claim of this merchandise. (Duration of the claim starts from the day following the receiving of the claim until the day of finishing the claim. However, not by receiving of the merchandise by buyer! The buyer is informed via e-mail that they stated during purchase of filing a claim.)
  3. After settling a claim, the seller notifies the buyer of this fact either by phone, SMS or e-mail. If the merchandise was sent by courier service, it will be automatically sent to buyers address. If, for technical reasons, the SMS or e-mail does not reach the buyer in legal period of one month, they have the right to automatically visit the claims department where their claim will be dealt with.
  4. In case of not picking up the claimed merchandise in 60 days period from the submitting of the claim, the seller is entitled, pursuant to § 656 of the Civil Code, to charge for storage. This amount is set at 1EUR/day.