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Treatment procedure:

  • Before applying the treatment, the car windscreen must be perfectly clean and rid of grease, for the protective layer to bind directly to the glass. This step is highly important because it directly influences the effect of the application, as well as the longevity of protection, and thus should not be taken lightly.
  • For cleaning, we recommend using detergents from our offer, but ordinary detergents, that do not leave any remainders nor any protective layer, can be used as well. However, the achieved effect might be weaker and the longevity shorter, since ordinary detergents are not adapted for this intent.
  • Make sure that the detergent of your choice does not leave any layer behind after washing, otherwise the NANO protection cannot thoroughly bind to the surface. Watch out for greasy and protective remainders in the first place.
  • The application of protection as well as the following binding of the nanoprotection with the treated surface must take place for 24 hours within temperatures of 3°C-30°C.
  • We recommend using protective gloves during application.
  • If the protection is being applied in exterior, it must not rain within the 24 hours.
  • After thorough cleaning and drying, first try the product out on a small, barely visible place (the product is considerate towards surfaces, although, in exceptional cases of surfaces of poor quality, the ethanol might cause some damage).
  • Afterwards, apply the protective medium on the windscreen via circular motion using one of the enclosed nonwoven fabric sheets. The second sheet of nonwoven fabric should be used to polish the windscreen afterwards, if required. We recommend proceeding in this manner with smaller parts of surface (approx. 30x30cm or 20x20cm). Only small amount of protection is necessary (5-10 ml/m2). After treatment, the effect of water resistance will appear within few hours.
  • The resistance to abrasion, chemical resistance and "easy cleaning" effect will appear after 24 hours when the protection has completely bound and hardened.
  • We recommend testing the effect after 24 hours.
  • We recommend performing the aftercare with pH-neutral detergents (even those that contain tensides). In case of any further questions, please take a look at frequently asked questions or do not hesitate to contact us!

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