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Manual for applying nano impregnation on textile

Treatment procedure:

  • Before applying the treatment, the surface must be perfectly clean and rid of grease, for the protective layer to bind directly to the surface of material Do not take this step lightly, since it directly influences the achieved effect and longevity of protection! It could easily happen that the protection would be applied on a new textile which contains residual dirt on fibres, or was already impregnated during manufacturing.
  • New textile or even leather sneakers usually have some form of protection on them, mostly to last without visible changes for a longer period of time. These facts will not allow for the NANO protection to bind directly to the fibres of textile. This results in weaker final effect and shorter longevity, since during washing, the dirt and the layer on which the protective nano-layer was applied will wash off.
  • Therefore, prior to the application, the textile must be washed in a washing machine without using detergents or fabric softener, or at least thoroughly washed with clean water. Fabric softeners and detergents leave remainders on the fibres and therefore the surface is not thoroughly "clean". After washing, leave the textile to dry completely.
  • By compliance of these steps you will maximize the achieved effect and secure yourself a long-term longevity of treatment during next several washings.

Warning! Impregnation of leather is difficult and the visible effect is also not as strong as in treatment of textile. Leather must not be treated in order to be able to absorb the protective medium. Regardless, the improved water repulsion effect and the "easy cleaning" effect are well-preserved after the correct application, resulting in much easier care.

  • The application of protection as well as the following binding of the nanoprotection with the treated surface must take place for 24 hours within temperatures of 3°C-30°C. If the protection is being applied in exterior, it must not rain within the 24 hours.
  • After thorough cleaning and drying, apply the protective medium on the surface in a manner in which it sufficiently absorbs the nanoprotection. Textile must be soaked with protection. It applies that the impregnation must take place until the textile is no longer capable of absorbing more impregnation.
  • Apply the impregnation using a sprayer from approx. 15-20 cm from the treated surface. If possible, apply the protection from both sides of textile.
  • The consumption is affected by the absorbency of the base material and the informative consumption value is listed on every product.
  • After treatment, the water resistance will appear after complete drying of the treatment.
  • The resistance to abrasion and chemical resistance will appear after 24 hours.
  • We recommend testing the effect after 24 hours. The aftercare is possible with ordinary detergents.
  • In case of any further questions, please take a look at frequently asked questions or do not hesitate to contact us!

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