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Maintenance for clothes

All our products are made of high quality materials, coupled with precise workmanship meets all the prerequisites to long served its purpose. Below are a few recommendations for the maintenance and care:

  1. Carefully observe the instructions on the labels of products and maintain by shown symbols.
  2. Wash at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C if not written something else on the label. Higher temperature may damage the clothing. Our materials are durable, antibacterial and resistant against dirt so the higher temperature is not required.
  3. If clothes are dirty from dust, do not delay their wash, dust damages the structure of the fibers.
  4. It is recommended to wash clothes inverted on the reverse side, the aesthetics will be maintained over time.
  5. Use regular detergent, best have proven liquid detergents without freshening.
  6. Wash separately from other clothes, their structure may be damaged by fasteners and metal parts on other clothing.
  7. Do not leave long underwear soaked in detergent.
  8. Do not use fabric softener. Softener creates film on each fiber, prevents antibacterial function and clogs the capillary system of sweat removal.
  9. Dry clothes hung free, they dry up quickly due to its nonabsorbent, do not use dryer or other heating units.
  10. The materials used in the production of our clothes are creaseproof, so ironing is not necessary.

We hope that your compliance these simple rules will help the long-term satisfaction with our products. Any questions related to maintenance will be happy to answer.